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What to Look for in a Hypoallergenic Cat Food

Food allergies can be a big problem for many cats and it can make their life miserable. If you suspect your cat has an allergy to the food they are eating, you should consider trying a hypoallergenic diet for them. Hypoallergenic cat foods are specially formulated to minimize allergic reactions by eliminating common allergens and using unique ingredients. They can also help alleviate itching, gastrointestinal issues, and respiratory problems.

What to Look for in a Hypoallergenic Cat Food

To be considered hypoallergenic, the food you choose should contain no known allergens. This means that the food should be free of wheat, corn, fillers, dairy products, animal by-products, and artificial ingredients like colors, flavors, and preservatives. If the formula features animal proteins, they should be either novel (not found in regular pet foods) or hydrolyzed to reduce the likelihood of triggering an allergic reaction.

The best hypoallergenic cat foods will feature a limited number of ingredients that are easily digested. They may contain a blend of proteins and a variety of nutrients designed to support immune system health, skin health, and digestive function. They will also be free of grains and other common allergens, like soy, to reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

When choosing a hypoallergenic cat food, you will want to make sure that it is made by a brand that offers scientific research, high manufacturing standards, and satisfaction guarantees. You will also want to select a product that is suitable for your cat’s age and life stage. For example, some hypoallergenic diets are formulated specifically for kittens, while others are intended for adult or senior cats.

While the most important factor in determining whether or not a food is hypoallergenic is the presence of any allergies, it’s worth mentioning that some cats are picky eaters and will not eat a new food even if it is less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. In such cases, you will need to find a way to entice your cat to eat the food by gradually introducing it into their diet.

It’s also worth pointing out that hypoallergenic cat foods tend to be more expensive than normal pet food, but the cost is often justified as you’ll be saving on vet bills, medication, and time spent grooming itchy or scratchy cats.

This food from Instinct has a very high rating amongst pet owners for flavor, so picky cats might be willing to give it a try. This food uses rabbit as the primary protein source and contains no grain, chicken, beef, fish, dairy, or soy which are all common allergens. It also doesn’t use any of the commonly used fillers like potatoes or tapioca. This is one of the best hypoallergenic cat foods on the market.